D-Black clarifies that Nana Addo Was his father’s lawyer

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The CEO of BAM, D-Black, has quashed rumours about his affiliation to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to him, the President of Ghana was his father’s lawyer, and the congratulatory tweet was a courteous gesture.

Speaking on ShowBiz 927 with MzGee, D Black said that people should not read meaning into his tweet congratulating the President after the elections. He said his pictures with the President were not taken because he was working for the political party. He mentioned a few instances when industry stakeholders were invited to the Presidents’ house.

Desmond Blackmore vehemently disagreed that his pic taken with the President meant an endorsement to the political party. He said, ” The President was my father’s lawyer when i was growing up as a child. So, I am saying Uncle, well done. How is this throwing my weight behind him?

He also agrees that both the country and our attitudes need to be fixed. He said the promises to the creative industry have not been fulfilled, and the music industry is very terrible shape. He said, “The music industry is rubbish. We do not have a proper royalty collection system. We do not have proper business structures.”

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He also mentions that a change in attitude would compliment a change in governance.

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