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How to use mobile money without paying the newly introduced Electronic Tax (E-levy) by government of Ghana

The newly electronic tax introduced by Government of Ghana has put many Ghanaians in fear which has lead most of them to withdraw all their monies from their wallets (Mobile Money and Bank Accounts).

This Electronic Tax has exemption but most Ghanaians are ignorant about it.
These are some of the areas That Electronic tax (E-levy) doesn’t apply to:

Bank transactions
When you walk to banking halls to deposit money into your account or send someone to deposit money into your account, no electronic tax (E-levy) applies. When withdraw money from your bank account using ATM card, Withdrawal booklet or cheque book no electronic tax (E-levy) applies.

There are some of the transactions that E-levy applies to:
Transferring money from your bank account to another person’s bank account and the said amount is above 100 Ghana cedis.
And when transferring from bank account to telcos wallets above 100 Ghana cedis.

When you go to a mobile money vendor with your mobile phone for deposit, it’s absolutely free no charge applies nor electronic tax (E-levy).
When you are making cash out at mobile money agent point there is no electronic tax (E-levy) you only pay for 1% of the amount withdrawing which was the old telcos charges.

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