TikTok star Asantewaa apologised on her comment “you will listen to your songs alone if you don’t bring them to us”

Tik Toker Asantewaa has issued an unqualified apology to all musicians and Ghanaians for saying musicians should send their songs to TikTok or risk being a failure.

She explained that the comment was said in jest not to disregard anyone’s hustle.
” I woke up the next morning to see blogs all over that Asantewaa is saying without them (TikTokers), music can’t be music again. I respect all the musicians. I respect the fact that you invest a lot in your craft. If I was quiet throughout the show, you are the same people that would say can’t she talk. What’s wrong with her? I think she has marital issues.”

Asantewaa proceeded to explain that she mentioned TikTok in regards to music promotion.
“So TikTok is really pushing it. I think people are misquoting me. If you listen to the video very well. We were all having fun,” she told Pulse Ghana.

Asantewaa rose to fame during the lockdown when TikTok became popular. She once again apologised if her comment degenerated anyone’s craft.
“People don’t even understand that a lot goes into writing music. I’m not a musician. I cannot sing. I can’t even feature. So if I’m talking about promotion, I’m not saying you are not good as a musician. Because people have known songs without the app. When did TikTok come? Just a few years ago. And there are songs that have reigned and are still reigning. And people got to know about these songs without TikTok. TikTok will come and pass. Songs will still be released.”

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