You can manage female artist without dating her – Gyakie’s manager claimed

The Chief Executive Officer of Flip the Music and manager of Ghanaian dhopest female singer Gyakie, Emmanuel Sedo, also known as Mirror, has stated that he stands against the idea of male managers having intimate relationships with their artistes since it can endanger the working relationship.

Over the world, most male managers end up having affectionate relationship with their female artistes.
Mirror, who is a manager of a female artiste, shares a differing opinion, indicating those relationships are sometimes panacea for destroying the working environment with the artistes.

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Speaking to Akoma FM‘s Entertainment 360 host Tony Best last Saturday, Sedo revealed that there are relationships of a sort but he cannot do that.
“There are several examples of artistes dating their managers over the world. Wizkid has a child with his female manager. The question remains what will be the future of their work when the relationship is no more?”
“If your interest is in the business, I believe one must invest his/her time in making sure the business thrives rather than affection. As far as I am concerned, I cannot do that”.

Mirror disagreed with the perception that it is difficult working with female artistes, stressing that there are also instances when he could not have successful working relations with male artistes as well.
“For me it’s what I want to get out of the person, not about gender. There are times when I did not have good times with men. Here I am having a good working time with a woman, so there is no problem at all.”

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